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Real-time Customer Feedback System

Your Fast Feedback is a real-time mobile customer feedback system that uses simple, targeted customer satisfaction surveys to help businesses achieve outstanding customer experience, analyze market research, and create brand loyalty. Send coupons right to your customers’ smartphones as a quick way to say thanks!

Customer feedback is essential. If you have a business, you need to collect feedback from your customers.  Your Fast Feedback has the right customer feedback system for your business. Collecting feedback on-site has never been easier.

talk_iconEngage Customers with Targeted Surveys

e-coupn-iconReward with E-coupons & reach out on Social Networks

icalStay in Touch with Monthly Promotions

chart_pieAnalyze Survey Results, Improve Satisfaction


chartBuilt-in Market Research:
Find out what your customers like and want to see more of. Ask them to rate services, accommodations, food,  beverages, or special events to help you make informed purchase decisions.

Find out what the experience was like for your customers while they are on-site.


What Our Service Does:

  • Collects targeted feedback on-site

  • Allows you to respond to customers privately

  • Helps you find out what your customers want

  • Reaches out to new customers and your “regulars” on social networks

  • Helps you keep in touch with monthly promotions

  • Tracks your results, specifically and measurably, 24/7

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