Your Fast Feedback - Mobile Customer Experience

Customer Feedback Surveys in Real-Time.

Improve customer experience and build loyalty.


Commitment: 1 month minimum. Cancel at any time.
Setup Fee: This gets your custom feedback site up and running.
Response Tracking: All feedback is tracked in to your results.
Email Notification: Get instantly notified when feedback is submitted.
Survey Questions: Yes/No, Drop down selection, star ratings, all questions are customized for you. You can have as many as you want.
Private Dashboard: Log into your account to see your overall results.
Pie Chart Data Display: Results are displayed in easy to ready pie charts.
Compare Multiple Locations: Easily drill down into your data to compare specific results.
e-coupon Reward Option: Send customers an e-coupon to their phone to thank them for their feedback and encourage repeat visits.
Company Logo and Branding: Include your company logo to enhance brand identity.
Custom URL: Your company name will be in the URL to further enhance your brand identity.
Table Display Cards: This is what your customers will scan with their phone. We'll send 5 for free, but you can always order more.
Social Sharing of e-coupons: Help your customers promote your business with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Monthly Email Promotions: We can send out monthly specials and promotions for you.

Select the customer feedback pricing package below that meets your needs.


Free Trial $0
Bronze $14.99 Per Month
Silver $24.99 Per Month
Gold $59.99 Per Month
Commitment* 30 Days
1 Month Minimum
1 Month Minimum
1 Month Minimum
Setup Fee* $0 $99 $125 $150
Response Tracking* None Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Instant Email Notification* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Survey Questions* 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Private Dashboard* No Yes Yes Yes
Pie Chart Data Display* No Yes Yes Yes
Compare Multiple Locations* No Yes Yes Yes
e-coupon Reward Option* No Yes Yes Yes
Company Logo and Branding* No Yes Yes Yes
Custom URL(Your* No Yes Yes Yes
5 Table Display Cards* No Yes Yes Yes
Social Sharing of e-coupons* No No Yes Yes
Monthly Emails to Addresses in Database
for Specials*
No No No Yes
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